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Here are some of this weeks headlines regarding Autism.

1.  Half brother accused of killing autistic Wis. man

2.  Ontario Liberal leadership candidates weigh in on autism services

3.  Predator’ snatched autistic girl, 16, with mental age of nine off street and held her captive to rape her for two days

4.  Utah boy with autism has service dog by his side

5.  Q&A: MU Expert Discusses Employment Challenges Facing Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders

6.  Jobs For The Autistic

7.  Psychiatry Gets Revised Diagnostic Manual

8.  Single mother seeking help for special-needs daughter

9.  Autism Research Group to Host Advanced Behavioral Intervention Workshop for Providers of Autism Treatment

10.  Concerns over autism diagnosis changes

11.  Autism’s Invisible Victims: The Siblings

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